Discover your Ultimate Skin with GOLD BOND® Radiance Renewal™.

Even though there are hundreds of skin care products available, many women still find themselves living with visibly dry skin. This leaves some women feeling self-conscious and even frustrated because they need to reapply lotion multiple times a day. Luckily, GOLD BOND® – a brand that has provided skin care solutions for over 100 years – listened to these frustrations and is making healthy looking, hydrated skin a reality. GOLD® Ultimate Radiance Renewal™ is a body lotion that keeps visibly dry skin from coming back all day, so you can focus on being your best self. It combines the ultimate triple blend of moisturizers – coconut oil, cocoa butter and African shea butter – to deliver nourishing, extended hydration. Plus gentle exfoliants help remove dead, dry skin cells that cause skin to look flaky. GOLD BOND® Ultimate Radiance Renewal™ is available in the skin care aisle at major retailers nationwide. Visit for more information.