Black. Beautiful.  Period.

Created by a group of visionary women, P&G’s My Black is Beautiful (MBIB) has been committed to inspiring, empowering and celebrating Black women for over more than a decade.  Today, MBIB is not only leading the charge to change the negative perceptions of Black beauty but also strives to drive change in the way that people relate to the Black experience.  We stand firm in our commitment to champion all that is beautiful about Black beauty and culture. Simply put, MBIB is on a mission to redefine what it means to be Black. 

At this year’s Essence Festival, MBIB will continue our legacy by providing Black women and men a unique space for inspiration, growth and honest dialogue. As we commemorate the beauty of “us”, we are treating attendees to hair styling, skin consultations, photo opportunities, MBIB swag, product giveaways and more – all weekend long.  Join MBIB as we declare what Black truly is: beautiful. No asterisk. No questions. No quotations. Period.

Highlights from this year’s MBIB experience include:

Two hosted ESSENCE® Beauty and Style Expo moments, with conversations surrounding fearlessness, confidence, Black hair, skin and for the first time, entertaining dialogue around men’s skincare regimens. Through these moments, we will celebrate the expressive versatility of Black beauty & culture with the help of our partner brands: Gold Series from Pantene, Head & Shoulders Royal Oils, Old Spice, and Olay.






``This year, MBIB is showing up unapologetically in our celebration of Blackness. Expanding beyond beauty and exploring culture and lifestyle passion areas that are important to the Black community, we are excited to be a part of a celebration that highlights the many facets of the African American experience,” said Breann Davis, Brand Manager of My Black Is Beautiful.  “During this year’s Essence Festival, My Black is Beautiful celebrates our Black. Beautiful. Period. initiative which highlights the boundless beauty and strength among the Black community. We’re looking forward to inspiring empowering conversations, showcasing the latest beauty trends, product giveaways and more!”

Breann Davis, Brand Manager of My Black Is Beautiful.